Executive Search

We are supporting your search and choice of suitable specialists and executives. We provide you guidance through the whole recruitment process, starting with the first briefing up to the final staffing and onboarding.

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After being briefed comprehensively about the vacancy from your side, we are searching our extensive database for suitable candidates. At the same time, we are asking our qualified network for recommendations. These actions could be flanked by direct ident in target companies and approaching in public networks. According to our client’s wishes, the direct personnel search refers all over Europe as well as worldwide.

Significant characteristics of our human resources consulting are speed and precision in selecting potential new employees. We are choosing carefully in order to present only perfectly suiting candidates. Naturally, all this applies as well for hidden searches where the client will not be named towards the candidates. Our closing quota is at 98% – a value that we are proud of and that speaks for itself.

We support the subsequent on boarding process of the new employee technically and emotionally and are at the client’s as well as the candidate’s disposal for follow-up mentoring.

If you are looking for executive search or looking for specialists, we are experienced in both areas. We are staffing executive directors and team leader as conscientiously as board directors. Make your search for specialists our job.

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Interim Management

The Placement of interim managers at short notice for personal enhancement at transitory times or for special operations gains more and more importance in times of increasingly dynamic business environments. We have a qualitative and quantitative first-class database at our disposal and can guaranty top-quality solutions that help you along immediately.

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Many times, the manager can pick up his work at your company only few days after he has been chosen. One of our specialties is to quickly find a technically excellent solution.

With the help of our extensive network that has been built up over years, we already could help a lot of corporations with interim managers. We will find the tailor-made solution for you and your short-term personnel requirements.

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